1. 86 Bullets
    Baltimore, Maryland
  2. Aethellis
    Baltimore, Maryland
  3. A Gardening Club Project
    Toronto, Ontario
  4. Allison vonBuelow
  5. Amadeus Awad
    Beirut, Lebanon
  6. AmuZeum
  7. Andres Guazzelli
    Mar Del Plata, Argentina
  8. Andrew Roussak
  9. Andy John Bradford
    Coleraine, UK
  10. Anuryzm
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
  11. Arnoldo's Lizards
    Mar Del Plata, Argentina
  12. Babal
    Bristol, UK
  13. Backhand
    Caracas, Venezuela
  14. Blå Lotus
    Örebro, Sweden
  15. Blake Carpenter
  16. Blank Manuskript
    Salzburg, Austria
  17. Blank Resonance
    Beirut, Lebanon
  18. Bomber Goggles
    Los Angeles, California
  19. Cary Clouser
    Smithville, Ontario
  20. The Music and Projects of Colin Tench
  21. Colouratura
    Wheeling, West Virginia
  22. Darusso
    San José, Costa Rica
  23. Drive In Movie Band
  24. Echoes Landing
    Moorpark, California
  25. Elfin Bow
    Liverpool, UK
  26. Ellsworth Hall
    Baltimore, Maryland
  27. Forever Twelve
    Los Angeles, California
  28. Friends of Melodic Revolution
  29. Gayle Ellett & The Electromags
  30. Gekko Projekt
  31. GorMusik
    Buffalo, New York
  32. ifsounds
    Molise, Italy
  33. Insites
    Orlando, Florida
  34. Jack Dimensions
    Mar Del Plata, Argentina
  35. Jeffrey Erik Mack
    Los Angeles, California
  36. Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius
  37. Kinetic Element
    Richmond, Virginia
  38. Kracked Earth
    Aylesbury, UK
  39. Leon Alvarado
  40. Lisa LaRue
  41. Luigi Milanese
    Genoa, Italy
  42. Marco Ragni
    Veneto, Italy
  43. Max Nova
    Florence, Alabama
  44. The Minstrel's Ghost
    Florence, Alabama
  45. Murky Red
    Helecine, Belgium
  46. NeverWake
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  47. Odin's Court
    Lexington Park, Maryland
  48. Oceans Of Time
    Fredrikstad, Norway
  49. Overture
    Mores, Italy
  50. Paul D'Adamo
    Fort Worth, Texas
  51. Persephone's Dream
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  52. Peter Matuchniak
    Los Angeles, California
  53. Petri Lindström Project
    Jyväskylä, Finland
  54. Phoen1x
    Atlanta, Georgia
  55. Port Mahadia
    Paducah, Kentucky
  56. Potter's Daughter
  57. Progeland
    Keuruu, Finland
  58. Robert Svilpa
    Orlando, Florida
  59. Scarlet Hollow
    Moorpark, California
  60. Sgt Tenchipoos Lonely Blimey Band
    Independence, Kansas
  61. Sheverb
  62. Sonic Divide
    Adelaide, Australia
  63. The Steve Bonino Projects
  64. Sun King Rising
    Port Isabel, Texas
  65. Sunshine & Bullets
    Tampa, Florida
  66. Ten Jinn
  67. Terry Newman Project
  68. Thoughts Factory
    Frankfurt, Germany
  69. Time Horizon
    Manteca, California
  70. Time's Forgotten
    San José, Costa Rica
  71. Tony Romero's Vortex
    Hillsboro, Oregon
  72. Transmission Rails
  73. Transport Aerian
  74. Troubleshooting Pandora's Box
  75. Unified Past
    Syracuse, New York
  76. Vitriol
    Bologna, Italy
  77. Voyager IV
    Bonn, Germany
  78. Voice of the Enslaved
    Florence, Alabama
  79. When Friends Come Out And Play
    Rochester, New York
  80. Wings of Destiny
    San José, Costa Rica


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“Bringing together the music listener with music that inspires and makes us think while cultivating memories. We release music that we feel will stand the test of time.”

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